How much wine can I take into Bali?

We used to search for the answer to this question a lot! Quickly followed by, "where to buy good quality wine in Bali".

The quick answer is that you are legally allowed to take in one litre of alcohol, per passenger, duty free.

But why is it that once you're here, you have to really dig around to find a good quality bottle of wine? And when you do find it, why is is so expensive?

In Indonesia, import duties on wine is taxed at 90% (spirits is 150%). So while there might be some variation on prices depending on where you buy your imported bottle of wine, the prices are unlikely to vary all that much due to the high tax.

And that's where we come in. Ben and Tanya have been travelling to Bali for the better part of a decade. It’s their home away from home and the one place in the World that they tell all their friends and family to visit!

Lovers of good food, and creating memories around a dinner table with family and friends, they’ve always been frustrated by how difficult it is to find good quality, affordable wine, each time they’ve visited.

In 2018, after a two-month working holiday in Canggu, and days of driving around Bali to find a good bottle of wine (and menus with 90% of their wine list out of stock), Ben had a “ah-ha” moment, deciding to solve the unsolvable.

They created Bali Wine Direct. An online store where you can click and pay for quality, imported wine to be delivered to you anywhere in Bali. There is no retail store. Why? Because they want to keep their overheads a low as possible. And their margins just a low so that you can enjoy a delicious drop at a more affordable price!


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