Hi, we are Bali Wine Direct – the approachable, unpretentious wine enthusiasts, supplying an extensive range of exceptional wines directly to your doorstep.

How we started.

Our founders had been travelling to Bali for the better part of a decade. It is their home away from home and the one place in the world they tell all their friends and family to visit!

As lovers of good food and creating memories around a dinner table with family and friends, they were always frustrated by how difficult it was to find good quality wine in Bali.

Despite the 150% import and duty taxes on the value of an imported bottle of wine and navigating through many other obstacles along the way, Bali Wine Direct was created under the ownership and operation of PT. Tri Dharma Dewata in 2019.


Since our inception we have learnt many lessons and after many bottles of wine being consumed (especially in 2020) we have made some crucial developments.

When we first started Bali Wine Direct, we initially worked with one of the major importers and distributors in Indonesia, providing only a small percentage of the overall wines available. Since then, we have established relationships with all the importers and distributors and have increased the range of products we can supply exponentially.

As we have grown over the past few years, our focus has turned toward providing awareness to the hidden gems Bali has to offer as well as being the staple supplier for premium wines. Your satisfaction is our priority, and our team are ready to provide excellent suggestions and help with any of your wine queries!

The above has led us to develop the following core services:

Wine Library.

Bali’s most extensive range of wine offerings. 

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Wine Club.

Subscription based wine service providing plenty of value and benefits.

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Wine Consignment.

Helping businesses to manage their wine offerings more effectively.

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