• Te Mata Estate Gamay Noir Estate Vineyards

Te Mata Estate Gamay Noir Estate Vineyards

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Gamay Noir is the grape of the Beaujolais region but Te Mata's version is miles away from the insipid beaujolais nouveaux wines that are normally associated with this famous French appellation. Stylistically Te Mata's version is much closer to Beaujolais Grand Cru - loaded with soft dark summer fruits and slippery, slurpy mouthfeel.

  • Variety: Gamay
  • Origin: New Zealand
  • Locality: Hawkes Bay

Tasting Notes :

The palate is soft and pillowy with a racing-stripe of boysenberry ripple through it. There are dark roses, raspberries, and notes of sandalwood and liquorice. Soft red and black summer fruits are balanced here by a thirst-quenching freshness. Estate Vineyards Gamay Noir overflows with deliciousness and fun. Summer in a glass.