• Nubori Blanco Rueda

Nubori Blanco Rueda

  • 387.000
  • 440.000
ubori Verdejo Rueda Nubori is a 100% Verdejo wine, with Rueda designation of origin. After the harvest and the selection of the grape, it is destemmed, cooled and macerated for 12 hours to be able to extract its best properties.

Style Notes :

  • Variety: Verdejo
  • Origin: Germany
  • Locality: Catalunya

Tasting Notes :

It is a greenish yellow wine. It stands out for its fine and clean aroma of aromatic herbs and white fruits. On the palate it is very fresh, aromatic and citrus, pleasant and balanced. Greenish-yellow appearance with fine and clean aromas of white fruit and aromatic herbs.