• Jean Pierre Moueix Chateau Certan De May 2000

Jean Pierre Moueix Chateau Certan De May 2000

  • 4.362.000
  • 4.800.000
The origins of Château Certan de May date back to the very beginnings of Pomerol. The de May family, who settled in France from Scotland in the Middle Ages, were gifted the property by royal decree in the 16th century as a gesture of thanks for ser- vices rendered to the crown of France. The estate began producing wine in the 18th century and was managed by descendants of the de May de Certans until 1925, when it passed to the Barreau family.

Style Notes :

  • Variety: Bordeaux Blend
  • Origin: France
  • Locality: Pomerol

Tasting Notes :

Dark, dense, aromatic with coffee, chocolate, blackberries and wild cheries. Complex nose, long tate with loads of ripe tannis.