• Black Velvet Reserve

Black Velvet Reserve

  • 582.750
  • 777.000

The Black Velvet Reserve 8 Year Old is a blended whisky from the Canadian town Lethbridge in Alberta. Its smell is full of sweet toffee and rich notes of vanilla fill up the tumbler. The scent of rye is pushing its way through the toffee and brings a smooth flavour of bourbon along. The body is medium strong and starts soft and quietly. Then rye and oak become stronger, without bringing too much bitterness. Some spice and roasted nuts show up as well. The finish is soft and medium short. The rye overlies the oak before both fade out quietly.


"This Canadian whisky stacks its cards in favor of consistency. It’s got spicy rye, sweet caramels and fresh wood all calculated to work together without overwhelming the palate. The creamy sweetness owes a lot to vanilla and dark fruits such as prunes and cherries. A spice attack in the middle of the palate is set afire by hot pepper. The wood is pronounced at the back of palate and into the finish, but quickly vanishes with citrus zest. A pleasant sipping whisky at a budget price."