• Black Velvet Original

Black Velvet Original

  • 507.750
  • 677.000

Fruity rye, caramel, candied fruit and mixed peels. Easy drinking.A very approachable blend of fine whiskies, Black Velvet is as smooth as the name would suggest and slips down almost alarmingly easily.


The original Black Velvet Whisky (not whiskey as it is known in the US) has a nice amber color and a sweet, soft smell, similar to butterscotch. The taste is smooth and subtle, surprising with caramel, tropical coconut, and warm vanilla notes. Aged 3 years and with 40% alc./vol. (80 proof), the first thing that you notice when you smell it is the dark ripe fruit scent. Soon, this will turn into cotton candy, hard candy, and marshmallows. You may also notice a hint of rubber, but it will quickly dissolve into the fruity notes such as fruit juice, peaches, prune juice, dried dark fruits, and cherry.