• Black Cottage Rosé

Black Cottage Rosé

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"Black Cottage Rosé was inspired by David’s long stint working in Corsica and the South of France crafting fresh, crisp, dry, salmon pink rosé. Warm nights led to low acids and an early harvest but intense and delicious fruit flavours. Treated very much as a white wine in the cellar, this wine had the added benefit of 8 weeks on light yest lees, increasing the texture and mineral notes."

-Winemakers Note

Style Notes :

  • Variety: Pinot Noir
  • Origin: New Zealand
  • Locality: -

Tasting Notes :

  • Colour/Appearance: Provence in colour, with a slight copper hue
  • Aroma/Bouquet: Orange blossom, honey dew and sea breeze aromas mingle on the nose.
  • Palate: Undertones of tangelo, oyster shell, subtle spice and macadamia notes.
  • Cellaring: -
  • Suggested Food: Great as an aperitif or enjoy with seafood, especially crayfish.